High Converting Landing Page Setup By Capremark_Reloctae To Uk
High Converting Landing Page Setup, For Japa Info Travel Website.
March 14, 2022

Social Media Ads For Travel Agency Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker.

Social media ads for travel agency_relocate to the uk from nigeria as a health worker

Overview Of This Social Media Ads for Travel Agency.

Introduction & Work-Scope

This is a continuation of a wholesome ad campaign that we created for Japa Info.

The created social media ads for travel agency (Japa Info) was meant to test their first product (Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker) before expanding to a much broader travel website.

This was meant to be a low budget ad so it was imperative that we adhere strictly with the most productive industry standard, in order to achieve maximum results.

Need Identification: This eBook Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker being released at a period where a lot of Nigerians are seeking for the easiest relocation means out of the country means that there are loads of information out there in the open.

However, selling the exact product with the best value can only be possible with proper presentation to an audience with very short attention span.

Another issue is the discarding of doubts from the target market. One does not want to make this ads for travel agency look like a quick money making venture.

Strategy & Objectives

To move visitors down the funnel more efficiently, we had a high converting landing page setup initially.
All we had to do was to follow up our social media adverts CTA (Call To Action) with the exact information that we had provided on our ads materials.

We created very identical advert materials that fit in perfectly with the visuals on the landing pages, while considered every advert placement medium. We wanted the advert to show on every available platform.

We went for the traditional Facebook/Instagram Advert first because we understood our target audience.


Social media ads for travel agency_Facebook Ads Manager


A lot of people within the migration age bracket makes use of Facebook. We had not built an audience on twitter so we didn’t want to look like a one hit wonder seeking to sell fast.

Facebook and Instagram Ads gave us the opportunity to display our bright catchy images which came with its own CTA (Call To Action).

Google Ads for Search Display is a perfect medium maximizing social media ads for travel agency.

Most people result to Google search engine whenever they want to find out information about travel locations, websites, hotels embassies et. al. A properly displayed search ad displayed against people’s need will attract a great audience. And it did.

Social Media Ads For Travel Agency – Advert Data.

Within the initial 2 week period of this social media ads for travel agency campaign, we had already reached over 200,000 people on Facebook, Instagram & Google simultaneously.

With almost 100,000 impressions and we recorded over 55,000 reach with over 2,200 page clicks under a reasonable budget of N1,500.00 per day.

The Google Search Ads Campaign was already doing crazy numbers as well.

Social media ads for travel agency_google ads ctr

With almost 3,000 impressions and we recorded over 400 page likes under a reasonable budget of Just $2.00 per day.

In 2 weeks, this social media ads for travel agency campaign on Facebook, Instagram & Google had sold over 250 copies of the eBooks. 

“I wish I had known you guys earlier.

Thank you for making everything work perfectly. It’s amazing how the sales are finally coming in.

I am looking forward to expanding my company’s entire work scope.
Thank you so much.”

– Grace Okocha. (C.E.O) Japa Info.

As seen on WordStream, the average click-through rate on Google ADs paid search ads is about 2%. Accordingly, anything over 2% can be considered an above-average CTR.

This is a proof that a wholistic approach towards digital marketing & social media advertising, while utilizing landing pages with well infused keywords/key phrases can reach the exact market if created properly.

At Capremark Network, we create the most affordable Landing Page Design plans & Social Media Ads for any product that you wish to advertise today.

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