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High Performing Social Media Ads For Travel Agency. Japa Info.
March 15, 2022
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Targeted Facebook Ads For Topchoice Interiors Designs Reaching Over 200,000 People With Minimum Budget
November 22, 2020

High Converting Landing Page Setup
Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker.

High Converting Landing Page Setup By Capremark Network For Japa Info

Overview Of This High Converting Landing Page Setup


Even with a very low daily ad budget, this high converting landing page setup was executed by Capremark Network to reach a very large audience very quickly, because of the uncertainty surrounding the time limit of the product.

A properly designed landing page with all the correct features will help captivate the right audience immediately they reach, retain them on the page and have them take action accordingly.

This high converting landing page setup has only one purpose. To move visitors down the funnel more efficiently.

The CTA (Call To Action) was strategically placed at different sections of the landing page with the aim of moving the audience on to purchase button seamlessly.

Need Identification: Japa Info wanted to test the waters with their first product (Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker) before expanding to a much broader travel website.

The challenge with this product is that it carries a very sensitive topic (Relocation To Another Country).
In recent times, there have been lots of information about relocation from Nigeria to other countries via education, marriage, medical an other purposes.

There has also been multiple reports of shady characters exploiting the migration situation.

Therefore, apart from providing Japa Info with a high converting landing page setup, we also needed to make the audience understand the legitimacy of the product, while making them take action by purchasing it as much as possible.

Project Focus

Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker

Because Capremark Network was contracted to handle everything (landing page design, advert material creation, advert account creation and running of social media ads) about this ad campaign, it gave us the opportunity to have a holistic planning approach from start to finish.

    • We chose the topic (Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker) because it shares the exact benefit of the product. This topics’ key-phrase was considered after a strategic search for words and phrases that are popularly searched for its related topics. The searched broad key-phrases pointing to our topic, all have a regular monthly search figures between 500-1000.This positions us perfectly for our Google search marketing campaign.
  • Concrete Information Display
    • We re-enforced the obviously known problem (shortage of health workers in the UK) & solutions (opportunities of landing a job abroad by following through with the process by yourself without the help of any agent) that we have provided on this high converting landing page setup.
    • We show users how easy it is to get started by handling objections with the proper display of information from the UK Home Office and also stating the amount number people who have gotten the product a month before the campaign started. This is somewhat like a proof of product acceptance which helps convince the buyer to take decision before being left out.

eBook Benefits For A High Converting Landing Page Setup

    • We triggered lots of sentiments with some key features on this project in order to make it a high converting landing page setup.
      • A full sections with lots of additional benefits.
      • Compelling headers that state the exact objective of the product.
      • Testimonials with images to show proof.
      • A full section explaining how the product was created backed with a story from the author.
      • Images that paints a picture of life after.
      • Motivate the target audience with bold CTA’s.
      • Money back guarantee.
      • And multiple payment options.

“I wish I had know you guys earlier.

Thank you for making everything work perfectly. It’s amazing how the sales are finally coming in.

I am looking forward to expanding my company’s entire work scope.
Thank you so much.”

– Grace Okocha. (C.E.O) Japa Info.

We kept the visuals simple but eye-catchy on web, mobile and tab versions of this high converting landing page setup.

The offer was boldly stated with bold discounts around the CTA (Call To Action) sections and we had the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) spread around strategically.

We started a test advertising campaign on a very minimal budget of just N1,500 per day on the Facebook/IG platforms and the Google Ads platform. The results were outstanding within the first 2 weeks with over 200,000 people reached and about 4000 actions taken on the page.


A high converting landing page setup like this (Relocate To The UK From Nigeria As A Health Worker) by Japa Info provides you with the perfect opportunity to focus on the main topic of the advert, carefully highlight your needs & provide various avenues to persuade your audience’s towards taking a decision to buy your product.

At Capremark Network, we have the best available Landing Page Design plans for any product that you wish to advertise.

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