3 Powerful Facebook Marketing
Strategies to Boost Your Business Sales.

Still thinking of ways to effectively maximize the opportunities available on the Facebook platform without breaking the bank? With almost everyone having access to a mobile phone, it only makes sense that your business has a very strong presence on Facebook.

This page will guide you through the basic steps available to help you grow your business easily with 3 powerful Facebook marketing strategies.

Unlock a new level of online productivity.

Some Important Things to Decide Before Starting Your Facebook Marketing Campaign.

Facebook is the champion of all social media platforms with over 1 billion daily active users.

Before executing digital marketing strategies like Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing & Instagram Marketing for the growth of our businesses, sales increment and personal online profile boosting, there are basic questions we need to ask ourselves.


Once you decide your advert campaign goal, you need to consider the following:


Having the answers to these questions, simply means that you have a clearer picture of what you want to achieve and how. All you’ll need to do now is to use any or all of the 3 strategies we have been provided by Facebook to achieve your goals.

Let's Help You Define Your Goals.

We will examine your present business setup and provide you with deep insight about the best ways to properly market your products and services to your exact target audience.

We are professional online marketing consultants with over 10years experience, and we have worked with businesses from different industries.

Take Advantage of Facebook with These
3 Powerful Strategies.

Paid Facebook Marketing

Advertising on Facebook can have a very large impact on your business because you are basically connecting with your customers on a platform where they are already present and very active.

One of the most interesting things about Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing is that it is available for both big and small budget businesses. So the question of cost is out of it. You can get affordable Facebook adverts in Nigeria.

Depending on the objective of your business or campaign, Facebook Paid Advertising provides us with the opportunity to create different advert campaign objectives and also target your relevant advert audience, using several available options.

Available Facebook Campaign Objectives

Your paid adverts will be created in consideration of your goals, using different Facebook campaign objectives like:

Available Targeting Options from
Paid Facebook Advertising

Paid Facebook advertising has some fantastic tools that will enable us to narrow down our focus to reach the exact customer our audience.

To learn more about the available campaign objectives and targeting options for
affordable Facebook advertising, please click the button below.

Paid Facebook Ad Metric Example

We’ll help you run affordable Facebook adverts in Nigeria with ₦15,000.00₦25,000.00 budget & reach 200,000 to 300,000 daily audiences & more.

Reaching this amount of audience is expected to produce over 400,000 impressions and 50,000 engagements like clicks, shares, website traffic, and eventual sales.

Eventual Facebook advert campaign rates will be determined by the agreed duration and demography of organizations or individuals accordingly. Start Now!

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    A Landing Page Is Important For Your Ads.

    It is advisable to always drive advert traffic to a landing page.

    A landing page forces the customers to focus on only what you want them to see.

    It concentrates on the main topic of the advert, without any distractions from your other activities and increases your chances of making sales. You can always use it over and over again.

    Organic Facebook Marketing

    Organic Facebook Marketing is the strategic consistent engagement activities you have with your audience. Social media usage is now in the era of regular communication with your audience and this method has proven beyond doubt, to build brands perfectly.

    Each post you publish on your Facebook page is an asset that promotes your brand influence in the eyes of your followers. Therefore, it is essential that you engage your audience by posting quality content regularly.

    Organic Facebook marketing strategy helps to generates traffic to your business naturally over time, rather than using Facebook paid advertising or sponsored posts.

    Organic Facebook marketing agency in nigeria-mobile-Screen delibration

    Advantages of Organic Facebook Marketing:

    4 Things you’ll need for a Successful Organic Marketing Campaign on Facebook:

    For more insight about organic Facebook marketing, please click the button below.

    More Organic Marketing Information

    At an agreed rate, we can engage your audience with a professional organic Facebook marketing campaign once a day / 4 days a week for 3, 6, or 12 months straight. Eventual Facebook organic marketing rates will be determined by the total agreed duration of the campaign. For ₦50,000.00 we can also provide you with a professional schedule for you to engage your Facebook audience with. Start Now!

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      Using Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages

      Marketing with Facebook groups or Facebook Pages has been one of the most successful social media strategies that businesses use to engage their audience and customers in recent times and this strategy has produced massive results in sales and brand followership. You should join in on this too.

      People always get such in-between deciding which to use and that answer depends mostly on what the intentions and goals of your business or the Facebook related habits of your potential fan base or customers.

      Facebook Pages

      This is more like your personal profile on Facebook, but for your brand profile, business or organization. It provides a feel of company website features with the arrangement.

      Using Facebook page for your business can be the perfect exposition tool your brand can have. 

      To execute your Facebook marketing campaigns and all your paid Facebook ads you will need to create a Facebook Page for your business.

      Once you setup your Facebook page, people will be able to follows your page by “liking” your page and you can begin to post updates just how you will do on your personal Facebook profile.

      People will be able to comment under your Facebook page updates and posts. They will also be able to like and share these posts with their own personal community. Hereby, promoting your content further on their on their personal Facebook news feeds.

      Facebook Groups

      Facebook Groups are micro-communities were people who share similar interests gather, communicate regularly and exchange valuable pieces of information with each other and express their opinions in a closely moderated environment.

      There are thousands of groups available on Facebook today and this gives you an opportunity to join other groups in your industry to share your info and drag followers to your own community.

      At an agreed rate; we will help you create a professional Facebook Group & Facebook Page for your business.

      To learn more about Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages, click on the below buttons

      Using Facebook Pages For Your Business Growth-Mobile

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