3 Effective Instagram Marketing
Strategies for Your Business Growth & More Sales.

Have you been seeing different people and companies making lots of money while thriving on Instagram and you’ve been wondering how you can use affordable Instagram Marketing for your business?

We have put together this Instagram marketing guide to help you see the efficient strategies that are available for you to grow on Instagram. Learn how to empower yourself and increase sales.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media network platforms out there, used for photo and video sharing and Instagram is owned by Facebook.

One of the advantages of using social media platforms that are owned by the same parent company is that they integrate their platforms to sync with each other. This is a very useful feature.

Popular international and local brands, small scale businesses, and many more businesses around the world are driving proven results with Instagram marketing strategies. You need to jump on this train too.

Instagram has provided various engagement options to enable your reach your audience through photos, carousel and collection, videos and stories, for the benefit of users worldwide.

This experience will enable you maximize your Instagram marketing potentials for the growth and success of your business in Nigeria and beyond.

Some Important Things to Decide Before Starting Your Instagram Marketing Campaign.

Just like Facebook Marketing and all other digital marketing strategies and platforms available to us, there are basic questions we need to ask ourselves before executing Instagram marketing strategies for our business growth and sales.


Once you decide your advert campaign goal, you need to consider the following:


Having the answer to these questions simply means that you have a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. You can now decide to grow your business on Instagram through paid Instagram advertising, using one of the very popular Nigerian or foreign Instagram influencers in your field of interest or through several strategies of organic Instagram marketing strategies available to you.

Instagram Marketing Strategies & Paid Instagram Adverts By Capremark Network

Let's Help You Define Your Goals.

We will examine your present business setup and provide you with deep insight about the best ways to properly market your products and services to your exact target audience.

We are professional online marketing consultants with over 10years experience, and we have worked with businesses from different industries.

A little insight into 3 Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategies.

Paid Instagram Marketing

The Instagram advertising options available for you to choose from will enable you to display your products in a suitable manner across all available devices.

Paid Instagram advertising is when you make certain payment available to boost or your post sponsor your content on the Instagram platform in order to target a larger and more precise audience. 

While Instagram can be accessed on several devices, it is more of a mobile based app. You can have access to advertising section of Instagram directly on your account via your mobile phone.

However, for more detailed targeting, we have been provided with the opportunity to create different advert campaign objectives and also target your relevant advert audience, using similar available options exactly like we have it on paid Facebook Advertising.

Available Campaign Objectives

Your paid adverts will be created in consideration of your goals, using these different campaign objectives:

Available Targeting Options for Paid Instagram Advertising

Paid Instagram advertising is mostly used for growing brand presence on the internet, increasing website traffic, generating new leads, and to move current leads further down the funnel with the hope of converting the audience into paying customers.

To learn more about the available campaign objectives and targeting options for
creating cheap Instagram advert for your business, please click the button below.

Paid Instagram Ad Metric Example

With an average of ₦10,000.00 ₦15,000.00 daily budget, we can help you plan a reasonable campaign that will an estimated 45,000120,000 Instagram users daily in Nigeria & Beyond.

Advertorial materials like images, explanatory short videos or animated clips will be created to help pass the message easily to your paid Instagram advert campaign audience.

The eventual rates for this Instagram marketing campaign will be determined by the agreed amount of materials, budget, duration and demography accordingly. Start Now!

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    A Landing Page Is Important For Your Ads.

    If you want to make the maximum impact with you Instagram adverts,
    it is advisable to always drive advert traffic to a landing page.

    A landing page forces the customers to focus on only what you want them to see.

    It concentrates on the main topic of the advert, without any distractions from your other activities and increases your chances of making sales. You can always use it over and over again.

    Organic Instagram Marketing Strategies

    This type of Instagram marketing strategy is the consistent engagement of audience and constant creation activities on your Instagram account. This means that you will take the time to post new content regularly, leave comments on followers’ posts, answer questions related to your posts and comments and also repost user-generated content.

    It sounds like a hectic task but for you to gain more followers and become an influencer in your field, these and so much more strategic activities are the things you’ll need to execute frequently.

    If you’re able to provide your followers with more activities and not just information about your organizations products and services, then you’re more likely to gain a loyal following that extends beyond social media. See Source.

    Organic Instagram Marketing Agency in Nigeria

    5 Benefits of Organic Instagram Marketing Strategies:

    Things you’ll need To Have for a Successful Organic Instagram Marketing Campaign:

    Generating natural conversations and creating small chat groups to connect followers with each other is a part of building up your own personal Instagram space.

    More Organic Instagram Marketing Information

    At an agreed rate, we can engage your audience with a professional organic Instagram marketing campaign once a day / 4 days a week for 3, 6, or 12 months straight.

    Eventual rates will be determined by the total agreed duration of the campaign.

    For ₦30,000.00 we can also provide you with a professional schedule for you to engage your Instagram audience with. Start Now!

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      Using Instagram Influencers for Marketing

      Instagram influencer marketing allows brands to reach their target audience in a way that feels far more genuine than traditional advertising. Instagram influencers have already created a strong and loyal relationship with their followers because they basically share most aspects of their lives with them.

      Instagram influencer marketing allows businesses leverage the follower base of popular social media influencer to sell their products and services.

      Trust is one of the most important factors that push consumers towards patronizing a brand and trust is very difficult to build. However, social media influencers have already built a loyal followership due to their daily activities.

      By utilizing the services of Instagram influencer marketers, you will be taking advantage of that loyal followership that has already been built by the influencers to impact your own goals positively.

      Things To Watch Out For Before Choosing Your Instagram Influencer

      There are a whole lot of other factors that you need to consider before selecting the appropriate Instagram influencer for your marketing purpose and for you to maximize your effort, Instagram influencer marketing must be in line with your bigger digital marketing plan.

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