A Perfect Educational Management System For Your School

You can now manage your school from anywhere at anytime, with less stress.

Monitoring student activities, receiving payment and coordinating your teachers/tutors can be exhausting. Thinkschool App educational management system is a modern tool that simplifies the entire running of all your school activities.

Now you can focus on providing quality education.

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Educational Management System Explained

And WHY your school needs it.

An educational management system which is also known as an educational management information system (EMIS) is an all in one online solution that coordinates, supports and sustains an entire educational organization’s activities.

Once you sign up for the Thinkschool App educational management system, you will effectively manage your school’s work process, execute periodical plans, manage your student’s database, keep and access all of your student’s academic records at anytime from anywhere, set and coordinate computer based test (C.B.T.) for any of your programs at anytime, execute virtual learning, monitor your tutors activities, collect and monitor students fees payments and do so much more, from one platform.

Our educational management system is a fully integrated application that is extremely simple to use.

More About The Thinkschool App Platform

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Educational Management System_Fee Payment
Educational Management System_Monitor Tutors Activities
Educational Management System_Computer Based Test
Educational Management System_Student Academic Record Database_Thinkschool App
Educational Management System_Class Structure_Thinkschool App
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Educational Management System_Zoom Integration_Thinkschool App

Over the years, we have identified several challenges of most learning institutions and we understand that there’s a need to simplify the execution of management and coordination of schools.

With our Thinkschool App educational management system, we are bridging this gap in order to ease the stress of school administrators, while optimizing their core objectives. Which is to provide quality education to the students.

Available Solutions:

  1. All our online academic report cards including creche will be online and accessed by parents from anywhere.
  2. All bio information of students will be online and secured.
  3. Teachers can send assignments to students in the comfort of their homes.
  4. Lesson notes can also be sent on the platform.
  5. Online exams and computer based test (CBT).
  6. Students will return the assignments done on the same platform.
  7. Teachers will mark and assign comments or scores to the assignments.
  8. Robust chat support within the platform for interaction between student and teacher.
  9. Modern online payment system.
  10. A free website design
  11. Mobile Application customized to only your school. (Optional)

How It Works


Fill Interest Form: Kindly fill the interest form on this page with all relevant details.


Meeting (Virtual or Physical): We will discuss all necessary details in a virtual or physical meeting.


Agreement: We will reach an agreement (structure & payment) with your academic institution.


Data Collation: We will begin collation of all students and school structure data.


Work Commences: We will begin building your portal to your exact requirements.


Testing Period: As we execute 70% of the job, we will begin testing to acheive perfection.


Deployment & Training: After satisfaction is achieved by all parties, we will deploy & train your staff.


Periodical Updates: As agreed upon, we will communicate with the school periodically for assistance.

Get Our Education Management System Now

Learning With Video Classes. 

Our Thinkschool App educational management system comes with an easy to use virtual learning feature which will enable tutors upload videos through a dedicated dashboard for students to view and interact with.

Depending on the course structure created for your school, media resources can be uploaded to create activities at different stages of assessments.

However, this virtual learning modular application section for our educational management system also provides a communication space for tutors and students.

There’s a possibility for additional live streams features and learning materials exchange section for students to unpack and return assignments via the same process, for teachers assessment.

7 Advantages of Video Classes:

  1. A better “extracurricular” learning paths.
  2. Encourage better student feedback.
  3. Quicker lesson notes submission.
  4. Proper home work monitoring.
  5. Better quiz assignments coordination.
  6. Promote better tutor-student collaboration & idea sharing.
  7. Building a better “extracurricular” learning paths.

Online Fees Payment System.

The online school fees payment system feature in the thinkschool app educational management system eliminates the rigorous administrative work for the clearance of student’s academic fees and the endless queue’s that parents have to endure at the banking halls.

Normally, most school systems require the utilization of printed school tellers and then manually reconciliation of the school registers with bank payment books.

However, our automated system comes with a unique student’s dashboard that can be accessed by the parents to view the present academic fees that is payable with just a click of the button.

The full payment history is also available and accessible by both the parents and school administrators.

Academic payment is made via popular secured online payment gateways like Paystack, Flutterwave and many more options as preferred by the school.

10 Benefits Of Online Fees Payment:

  1. Cashless online payment can be made at anywhere and anytime.
  2. Customized fees plans can be configure as requested.
  3. Fully detailed financial reports are generated automatically.
  4. Records for all assets and liabilities can be managed on platform.
  5. Different personalized dashboards for separate viewing of activities.
  6. Automated payment reminders and alerts for all parties.
  7. Highly secured transactions.
  8. Swift digital receipts that are printable and also sent to email addresses.
  9. Elimination of unnecessary calculation errors.
  10. Cloud storage and database.

Custom Class Structure. 

Your students will be issued a unique portal ID number that authenticates their place in your school.
This portal identification number will be their virtual gateway into their individual dashboard on our educational management portal.

At your demand, we will create a special class level to the already existing structure of your academic institution, the class arms, subject inheritance, subject level, histories and any other customization feature that you desire.

Monitor Your Tutors. 

The success of any academic platform is largely dependent on the performance of the employed tutors and it is imperative that academic management monitors the performance and interaction between tutors and students accordingly.

Our educational management system provides the opportunity for the top hierarchy of your academic institution to have a superior management dashboard where the can oversee all students academic & financial activities.

Who Is Already Using Our Thinkschool App?

We are already driving education technology for 150+ established academic institutions.

Nigerian Navy Secondary School

Lagos Nigeria

NOWA Secondary School

Lagos Nigeria

Capremark Network has gone beyond our expectations every time we require their services. They always ready to assist with anything even after their services are done. This is what gives me rest of mind. Great Team.

Ken Okoruwa

C.E.O. Topchoice Interior Designs

You guys are the best. I love the website as it properly depicts the purpose of our organization and the feedbacks I’ve gotten has been great.
So glad I engaged you.

Oludare Ajayi


Academic Records Database

Your school administration, Pupils & Students will also have access to every students individual termly academic record on the go.

The computation records of the academic database is executed automatically. This gives all interested parties the opportunity to access their related information on any device via the internet.

Now, your administrative job gets easier as you can now keep the records of all your students in the cloud database designated to your school.

The database records will include all available past and present records as agreed upon.

12 Unique Database Features:

  1. Basic Information.
  2. Parent Information.
  3. Contact Information.
  4. Past and Present Academic Information.
  5. Creche special rating report sheets.
  6. Primary & secondary school termly report sheets.
  7. Customized institutions assigned report sheets.
  8. Cumulative master sheets.
  9. Backup scores for teachers.
  10. History archives.
  11. Transcripts.
  12. Medical Records (Optional).

Computer Based Test (C.B.T.)

The computer based test modular application section of our educational management system enables students to take quick live test questions online, from anywhere and at anytime.

This process is created according to your school’s unique class structure and academic grading system.

We understand that the computer based test system is seen as an expensive option and this is the reason why most large established educational institutions opt in for the usage.

For this reason, we have included it as a part of the entire thinkschool app educational management system in order to make it affordable for any school, irrespective of their size and amount of enrolled students.

8 Advantages of CBT:

  1. Students can take tests remotely.
  2. School administrators can monitor live tests remotely.
  3. Transparency in exam conduction.
  4. The process is always properly organized.
  5. Tests can be delivered to large amount of students.
  6. Test are executed according to unique grading system.
  7. Allows for inclusion of special needs candidates.
  8. Tests can be personalized according to school structure.

Easy Communication. 

Our educational management system ability to send all sort of relevant notifications from the academic management authority to students and parents alike. Test results or payment details can be sent directly from the Thinkschool App platforms via emails, or SMS messages to students and parents alike.

Students can also have real time chats with their tutors or an assigned academic management team member directly from the educational management system platform.

Zoom Integration. 

The zoom module on the Thinkschool app is created in such a way that the educational management system is integrated with the popular zoom virtual meeting platform. Here, the tutors will be able to have a live streaming video lesson with students irrespective of their locations.

This is a premium feature and it will be deployed on demand and as agreed upon by your school. You can use it for scheduled classroom teaching, live streaming, live webinars and set class duration.

Education Management System Packages .

Find the perfect Thinkschool App package for your school below  “Choose Now”.

Thinkschool App
Cloud Package

Group of Schools
  • School Data On Private Server
  • Administrator Dashboard
  • Tutors Dashboard
  • Student Dashboard
  • Video Uploads
  • Virtual Assignment
  • Computer Based Test
  • Performance Trackers
  • Online Report Viewing
  • Academic Records Real Time
  • Online Payment and Invoicing
  • Periodical Admin Staff Training
  • Access Academic Record Online
  • Upload Previous Records
  • Restricted None Admin Section

Thinkschool App
Standard Package

For All Schools
  • School Data On Dedicated Server
  • Administrator Dashboard
  • Tutors Dashboard
  • Student Dashboard
  • Video Uploads
  • Virtual Assignment
  • Computer Based Test
  • Performance Trackers
  • Online Report Viewing
  • Academic Records Real Time
  • Online Payment and Invoicing
  • Initial Admin Staff Training
  • Access Academic Record Online

Thinkschool App
Premium Package

Get More Control
  • School Data On Dedicated Server
  • Administrator Dashboard
  • Tutors Dashboard
  • Student Dashboard
  • Video Uploads
  • Virtual Assignment
  • Computer Based Test
  • Performance Trackers
  • Online Report ViewingTrackers
  • Academic Records Real Time
  • Online Payment and Invoicing
  • Periodical Admin Staff Training
  • Access Academic Record Online
  • Zoom Integration (Optional)
  • Online Book Sales & Purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions

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