Akinniyi Daniels Fasanya.
Website Designer, SEO Planner,
& Digital Marketing Technologist.

My passion for new ideas & technologies, drive me toward solving problems via an empirical approach.

I collaborate perfectly with teams that work on creating or managing products, services, or other results as required, with the consideration of time constraints, inspection, transparency, and adaptation.

I am experienced in the architecture and deployment of digital marketing strategies and WordPress website designs, with the aim of achieving brand visibility and growing sales in today’s digital environment.

My Expertise

affordable mobile responsive website design
Akinniyi Daniels Fasanya_Wordpress Website Designer
affordable website design with search engine optimization
Akinniyi Daniels Fasanya_Social Media Marketing Manager

About My Website Designs

Most businesses seek an online presence in order to increase sales or brand visibility. For these reasons, I consider the configuration of sensitive features that will enable my designed websites experience significant online success over an agreed period of time.

My major priorities are to achieve increased organic traffic over a period of time via search engine optimization & schema markup language.

However, I always advise every project owner to approach the online space with a strategic and carefully created search engine marketing plan, for immediate traffic generation and sales.

The user interface and experience is also one of my important focus areas, as I work towards reducing the bounce rates on my projects with the aim of increasing conversion rates.

I make sure that all websites are responsive by being easily accessible on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and all mobile devices accordingly.

I also partner with seasoned copywriters in order to properly display information with the aim of turning website visitors into paying customers.

Ultimately, an unsecured and slow website is the quickest turn off for potential website audience. With the use of the right components, these challenges are manageable.

Online Marketing Campaigns Scope

I believe that one needs a solid a online marketing plan, in order to succeed in today’s tough digital business environment.

Therefore, I always suggest the most affordable and effective ways to achieve the marketing objective, and I also suggest the use of the best online marketing tools for achieving better results over time.

Deployed strategy may be a combination of affordable landing pages to properly present the product to the audience in an enticing way, different lead magnets, depending on the product campaign, social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads using media & text, an email marketing system to automated the customer journey as we collated leads, and so many other innovative means.

Knowledge Growth


Lagos State University

Trainings & Certifications

AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud Native.
Cloud Computing Security, AWS cloud, Cloud Storage, Cloud networking & Cloud Computing.

Google Universal Analytic Essential Training.
Google Analytics (Basic).

Advanced Google Analytics.
Google Analytics (Advance).

SEO Foundation.
Search Engine Optimization. 

Understanding how rankings affect large and small businesses, implementation of foundational optimization strategies and techniques, including keyword research, building internal and external links, pages and content optimization, measurement of goals and progress, and planning for a long-term SEO strategy success. Additionally, understanding SEO tips for ecommerce, local search, and mobile audiences to expand brand and business reach.

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